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M.J. has traveled the globe speaking to audiences of all ages and sizes about the power of failure, self-love, and the endless opportunities we all have when we decide to be our true selves. From corporate functions to college campuses and everything in between, M.J. loves connecting with his audience and helping them see how great life can be when we let go of our doubt and become who we were meant to be.

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“Seeing M.J. speak just made me feel like everything in my life was really going to be ok! He doesn't speak down to his audience like other speakers tend to do. I felt charged afterword and can't wait to see where M.J. is headed in life. This guy is going to change the world.”

-Caroline Fleming

 Orlando, FL

"M.J. has an energy and kindness about him that pulls you in. You feel for him and understand he is really trying to help people. He cares. I felt surprisingly optimistic about life after seeing him talk. And that is saying a lot from a cynical guy like me!"

-Gregory Clark

 San Jose, CA

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