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A fitting start!

Thank you, Palm Desert!

Well, I officially started the Red Umbrella Tour on Saturday at the Barnes and Noble in Palm Desert, CA and it was the perfect place to start, in my opinion.

If you have read my book, you know that a very influential person in my life, and a motivating force to write my book, Karen, called the Coachella Valley home. It was through her that I spent a lot of time there, started writing my book there, and even took the picture that is on the back cover of my book there. How fitting it seemed to make this STOP #1 on this huge tour that has me crisscrossing the country over the next few months.

It was so great to see so many people show up and support me. It still seems surreal that this is all happening. How did I go from being a complete and total screw-up to writing a best-selling book and touring the country? I think this often, but then I remember that it happened because I worked hard and allowed those I love to support me and lift me up. It is the people in my life that motivate me every day to do big things and I thank them all for the role they play.

As I get ready to speak at countless venues, I hope to hear from all who I see on the way- old friends and new alike. Let me know how I am doing, keep me on track, and most importantly, reach out if you need anything. I may not be able to do much, but the goal of all I am doing is to help others like so many have helped me.

Keep an eye out for updates and stories while on the road.

It is going to be an exciting 21,000 miles!



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