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Go TELLER on the mountains...

Well I already logged over 1500 miles in less than a week, but I have really been enjoying the drive. (Listening to podcasts is the best way to pass time, btw... I found myself excited to get back in the car to continue!)

I have been posting some videos of the drive on my social media. It is amazing how the iPhone can take a 300 mile stretch of road and compress it into 30 seconds. Check them out if they don't give you motion sickness...they are a bit intense.

Coming back to CO is always interesting for me. I lived here over a decade ago, I met Pete here, and I spent what I thought were the most trying times of my life here as I helped my best friend beat cancer. Now I look at Colorado and just see incredible natural beauty and a place where a few friends that I adore still call home.

While driving on I-70 to Denver, I popped into the old bank where I used to work in Frisco, CO to say hello to the only coworker still hanging in there, Melissa. As she bounced out of her chair to greet me with her incredible energy and smile, I was flooded with memories of my time at the bank. I always talk about that bank job and use it as an example for what's important on a job.

So if you read the book, you know a bit of the story. Best friend had cancer, I was the only guy working at a bank with all women, they were AMAZING to me, I love them. Ok, now you are up to speed.

We used to laugh so hard on a daily basis and, even spending all day together, would frequently go for a drink at one of the local places where, as bankers, we knew everyone. We never were at a loss for words and we supported each other. It was a great place for me at a really tough time in my life.

And even though I was not making much more than minimum wage and I had this enormous pressure of being a care giver for a cancer patient on my mind (not to mention that it was always cold and snowed up to the 4th of July) I was happy when I was at that bank.

I worked at a place that fit me. I got to interact with people all day and talk constantly! (Weird, right? Me, a talker?) I have always had a love of math and now I got to play grown up Monopoly on a daily basis. Most importantly, however, I was surrounded by people who I looked forward to seeing. They are what got me out of bed and made each day enjoyable.

The biggest struggle I have had working for myself is that I don't have that workplace environment to look forward to. However, I know from so many that not all workplace environments are good...and that really sucks. I know one thing for sure though- if I ever start a job and the people don't make me want to jump out of bed in the morning, then I won't stay at that job. Life is too short to be surrounded by people you don't enjoy.

So what is my point to all this? People are what make life liveable- not money. Find people to surround yourself with like my bank friends and you are rich, even if you are poor. Besides, you are investing in something so much better than money- real relationships.

That's where my brain went to today...

Life Lesson #970 from a Total Failure

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